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Kellie from EnKompass

Kellie Maloney is a seasoned content marketing strategist, rocking the world of digital content and marketing for over 20 years!


With a business background, ongoing studies in nutritional science, and certification as an Integrative Health Coach, Kellie seamlessly blends her love for all things wellness with her rock-star professional background!


Kellie’s wellness journey began on her family’s farm on the beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW, where she learned the art of wholesome cooking from her grandmother.

These early experiences instilled in her a belief that real food, is real medicine! And ignited a lifelong appreciation for farm-to-table, nourishing and delicious food.


After completing her business and marketing degree and gaining valuable experience at the prestigious Golden Door Wellness Retreat, Kellie’s passion for a career in health and wellness was cemented. Before it began, however, as fate would have it, she hit a detour and headed into the entertainment industry instead!


It was here that she developed her second love for digital content! Working alongside some of the most renowned Australian events and artists, just as the world of digital content was kicking off, she spearheaded marketing and event operations, cementing digital footprints, social media expansion and pioneering content marketing approaches for her clients!


Despite a successful 15-year career in entertainment, Kellie faced ongoing health challenges that redirected her back to her health and wellness roots. Seeking answers, she pursued a health coaching qualification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and embarked on a nutritional science degree.


It was through this pursuit of wellness she discovered a unique niche, combining her digital content expertise with her love for a healthy lifestyle!


Fuelled by a mission to empower others to lead healthy and vibrant lives, Kellie now serves others in the health and wellness biz to develop their digital potential. And hopes to give them the confidence to pursue their dream careers because ultimately they have a shared purpose –to not only serve others but to have a positive impact on humanity!

What Clients Are Saying

Kellie’s professionalism and attention to client satisfaction has made it a pleasure to do business with her. In the beginning she took time to research our business, then thoroughly explain her prognosis and then implemented her strategy to deliver our message to market. Nothing is ever too hard or too much trouble and she communicates with warmth, humour and accuracy. During her 6 contracted years with us, she developed effective lead generation tools and lead magnet promos, an industry blog, has increased our social media engagement by several hundred per cent. We have gone from approx.15k followers on Facebook to 83k and our Instagram and Twitter universe has expanded in similar fashion.

Rusty Thorpe
Marketing Executive

It was a pleasure to collaborate and work with Kellie for our branding, website and digital marketing. Kellie provided all the creative strategy we needed to shape up some rough ideas and priorities, and develop our creative brand identity (brand name, logo and style guide) - a fresh look, style and brand that we absolutely love and have been waiting for years to develop. Kellie managed the whole process from conception to completion, networking us with the copyrighters, designers, website creators, photographers and videographers that were all necessary to set up the brand, creative direction and digital marketing strategy we needed. Highly recommended, her strategic approach to branding for our eco health and tourism brand has been valuable.

Adam Spinner
Founder of Midgard Mountain

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