Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like
- Brian Chesky, Co-founder & CEO, Airbnb.

EnKompass Biz Goals

Understanding your niche is key to getting clear on your offering, building magnetic offers & attracting sales, rather than chasing. Our mission is to help you develop content that connects deeply with your niche audience through storytelling that drives action, impact and transformation.

Let’s take a deep dive to understand your audience, their needs, aspirations, dreams, goals and pain points.  Let’s do that strategically. A huge reason content creation becomes challenging is that it is done without a strategic mindset. And when the momentum slows, and it’s often when people give up!
That is why a roadmap is your bread & butter.

In this session we will aim to deeply understand your BIZ in the health & wellness space through these foundational pillars:

Biz Goals & Niche

Getting to know you

How do I find you?

Getting to know your brand/biz

Getting to know your relationship with content

Which tools do you currently use?

Industry Profile

Which Industry category do you fall under?

Your biz/brand niche

To stand out, and connect with your audience more deeply, we need to understand your niche to enable a clear marketing message, become the go-to person in your area of expertise + build a strong foundation to expand on. 


WORKSHOP EXERCISE: Finding your Niche: The Who, The What, The Where, The Why

Help us understand your niche by answering these questions followed by an activity!

WORKSHOP EXERCISE 2: Person, Problem, Promise - See worksheet

Your biz goals

Understanding your main business and marketing goals will help me create a customised content plan specific and relevant to your business or brand. 

Let’s dive in.


Developing SMART GoalsSpecific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-orientated

Your pillars

Content pillars are the main topics your biz or brand uses to build authority, create value and engage your audiences.

Content themes will be formulated from your biz or brand's key areas of interest & where value can be added. They will become part of your content strategy and be consistently woven through your content. 

Let’s explore…


WORKSHOP EXERCISE: Finding Your Content Pillars!

Who are your people?

Examining your audience is key to being able to serve them, understand them more deeply, develop customised content for them and connect with them. 

Let’s better understand your ideal client or customer to develop your audience personas - a key element in your content marketing roadmap! 


WORKSHOP EXERCISE: Who are your people?